What Is a Dentist?

A type of a doctor that takes care of your oral health is called a dentist. They are specialized to diagnose and treat patients that have problem with their teeth, gums and related parts of the mouth. The dentists are the ones that provide you with advices and instructions on taking care of your teeth and gums and on the type food choices that affect your oral health.

The coventry dentist are also commonly known as doctors of medicine in dentistry, doctors of dental surgery, general dentists, doctors of dental medicine, etc. You know that the health of your mouth is essential for your general overall health and some diseases of your teeth and gums can indicate some health issues. That is the main reason why you should do regular check-ups at your dentist’s office. A dentist has several responsibilities, such as diagnosing oral diseases, promoting oral health, creating proper plans for treatments, interpreting x-rays and diagnostic tests, ensuring a safe administration of anesthetics, monitoring growth and development of teeth and jaws, doing surgical procedures on the teeth, bones and soft tissues of the oral cavity, etc.

An emergency dentist is a physician whose practice is in the field of dentistry. They play the biggest role in ensuring safe and effective oral care.